Our Process

Our Process

Driving lessons and how to book with us

Getting your learners permit is a monumental period of your life and a very exciting and nerve racking experience,so you want to do it in a correct and safe way!.Once you have obtained you learners permit from vicroads you should contact a experienced and accredited instructor who is patient,accommodating and with experience in teaching novice drivers.

Our instructors are long time residents/born in Australia and know your local neighbourhood and the culture of driving with very good command of the English language. Our instructors have new model vehicles fitted with dual controls and fully insured they will meet at your home/office/school for the lesson and only take you to areas which are suitable for you until you’re ready to take on busier traffic areas.

Booking with us is as easy as sending us an email/sms or calling us on 0424996639. We will arrange an appointment as soon as possible and better still we have discount packages which will save you money but also at very competitive rates. So give us a call or contact us to start your driving journey!

Preparing for your driving test

As always the earlier you do your preparation the better the outcome! It is highly recommended  you have experienced different traffic conditions on busy main roads and suburban streets as the drive test is conducted in both environments.It is good to also drive in all weather and traffic conditions while you are training as you will need these different levels of experiences and improved judgements to help you become a confident driver and a successful applicant in the drive test.

Once you have had the required training ask your instructor for a mock test to see that you are ready to sit your test and how well you manage test conditions!

For applicants under the age of 21 years of age it is usually a requirement to have completed minimum120 hours of driving and 20 hours of that being night hours. Once these hours have been completed you must make sure to fill in required sections of the logbook especially the list of drivers and sign the declaration section of the logbook before attending the drive test unless you are using the logbook application then your supervisor driver needs to approve the completion of hours before the test. All applicants attending the victorian drivers test must have successfully completed the computer based hazard perception test in their nearest available vicroads office or from the comfort of your home computer. The hazard test is a requirement before the drive test and is only valid for 12 month so check the validity well before your appointment date so there’s no disappointment!.

Applicants who are temporarily in Australia have to make sure you have all the documents that have been requested by vicroads whether for identification purposes or for verification of your overseas licence.Once you made sure all your documentation and training is sufficient then it is advised to consult your driving instructor as he/she is well acquainted with the best options for times and dates for booking a victorian probationary test appointment with the Vicroads office.Once the test booking has been made it is highly advisable to keep your booking discreet as this will prevent unnecessary burden or pressure leading upto the test date!.

How to Stay calm and confident for your Vicroads drive test

It is natural to feel some type of nerves leading up to a driving test as there is a stake of passing and being unsuccessful but in saying that sometimes it’s best just to follow basic fundamental rules of getting enough sleep and keeping positive!

If you have done your training in everyday traffic then this test will be easy.It is very important to keep a positive mind for positive results! repeat to yourself positive thoughts like “i have done this before with my supervisor so i can do this” and only do things when safe and legal otherwise don’t do it.Try not focus on passing or what if i fail tell yourself you will pass and you will drive just like its another lesson with your supervisor.Make sure before the test day you are well rested and not fatigued tiredness can affect your alertness affecting you concentration thereby having slower reaction time.Avoid using digital tablets before bedtime the night before as this will deprive you of sleep by suppressing  the production of melatonin which is a hormone that controls your sleep cycle.Another thing to avoid is caffeine and definitely avoid alcohol as this will also affect the quality of sleep and may render you as not eligible for the drive test as its illegal to drive with any blood alcohol concentration on your learners(BAC) please refer to vicroads for further information on this regard. During the test you may find that under stress your body may experience heat flashes so dress according to your comfort level and have water with you so you can replenish in between the two stages of the test.It is highly recommended to keep you usual shoes on which your use to as different shoes may impact your drive in some cases and affect acceleration and braking!.